Awesome Spring Break

The first week of March, granddaughter Sara and four friends stayed with us. They came down from Nebraska for their Spring Break, and the plan was to enjoy warmer temperatures, sunshine, jet skis and hiking. Sadly, the week was cold (by South Texas standards), gray, and rainy. But the intrepid five still managed to go to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, take the jet skis out one day, and go hiking another. They assured us that the temperatures were warm relative to what Nebraska was having and that it was a treat not to have snow on the ground. We had a roaring fire outdoors one night, and learned to make Mexican S’mores–which have no connection to Mexico except that they use flour tortillas. The five did makeovers on one another, played games, and generally just chilled out. They said they had a good time, and we certainly enjoyed having them here.

Naturally the next week was full of lovely warm, sunny days. Isn’t that some version of Murphy’s Law?

Here are the directions for my new favorite campfire treat…

Mexican S’mores
Take a nice, soft flour tortilla and spread it with peanut butter. Sprinkle on mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips. Roll it like a burrito and wrap in foil. Throw these in the embers of your fire for about five minutes, turning once if you can. Then pull them out and let them cool a while.
Unwrap and enjoy.

When these are perfect, the peanut butter causes the flour tortilla to get crispy. And we all know about marshmallow and chocolate goodness.

I love that they can be made indoors, ahead to time, if you have younger children. With the college students, we made them beside the fire, which is also pretty simple. And we made traditional S’mores as well… just because you gotta.

What’s your favorite campfire treat? Hit reply on your email, or share in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Spring, and enjoy the “lamb” part of the month.
Until next time…