Susan Craig

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It’s cold out there!

Winter has arrived and with it, the cold. Yesterday afternoon the temperature dropped over ten degrees in an hour. My sixteen-month-old grandson got his first jacket since, for the next few days at least, his usual hooded sweatshirt will not be sufficient. My husband pulled out his leather jacket and the grocery store was full of patrons wearing calf high boots, stocking caps and knitted scarves. I stuck to a long-sleeved turtle-neck beneath a sweatshirt. It was not a wise decision.

highway on cold snowy morning with gray sky

The photograph is near where we used to live in Nebraska. We have no snow where I live today, but I remember it well!

So wherever you are, I wish you warmth, both inside and out.

Until next time…”

When we lived


Baby and dog

This is one cute baby, and a dog the reminds me of our Maggie who died many years ago.

Hope it gives you a smile.

Till next time…


Poetry and Whimsey

I am a fan of straightforward descriptive poetry, the kind Robert Frost and JRR Tolkien wrote. But in the realm of poetry, there is also room for whimsey.

This storefront in tiny Dwight, Nebraska has no hours posted.
There is no sign saying “I will be back at __:__”.  
I have never found it open.
Yet it captures my imagination and takes me to a happy place.

I hope it does the same for you.

Quaint storefront with sign painted on window: Poetry - made and repaired.

Until next time…