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Photography–Misty Morning

Misty morning photography is a special pleasure of mine. The world beyond your own little space just drops away, and your focus has to be on the things near to you. Sometimes, I think, we need a misty morning for our lives as well, when the outside world and its cares fade away and we focus on those closest to us and see the beauty there.

old fashioned porch swing on a misty morning

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Friday Halloween Fish

Happy Friday!  After all the great Halloween costumes yesterday, here is a fish that disguises itself. It’s called a Scorpion fish—very strange looking. Enjoy!
–Susan Craig

Photo by NOAA on Unsplash
And if you want to see video, click this link:


Fall Photography

Sunlight shines through fall leaves and branches

I searched the file of photographs I’d taken through the years during this autumnal time of year.


And I began to wonder how I managed to let the practice of photographing the natural world, which gave me such joy, fall by the wayside.

Gray and yellow caterpillar inching along branch with purple leaves

I thought about how life crowds in on our time, as we inch along from day to day.

I thought about the things we take for granted when we fail to look closely,

Older couple walking away through trees in fall foliage.

How short a time we are given on this beautiful planet,

Empty rowboat seen through pine trees

And how soon that time can end.

New leaves on Spring twig.

There may be no greater foolishness than setting aside the things that give us joy. But it is never too late to turn over a new leaf. Even in the fall.

What gift of joy might you have been ignoring? Share your comments below.

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