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Winter Writing Festival…completed!

The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood (a group of Golden Heart finalists) sponsors a Winter Writing Festival every year. This was my first year to participate. It is amazing how online chatting and encouragement can increase productivity. I prepared my trilogy for relaunch, revising all three books–one was extensively rewritten, and now I am waiting on things outside my control (like the new cover art) so I can do the actual relaunch. I also completed the first draft of my current work in progress, about a female scientist and a professor of 16th century poetry.

Long story short, I succeeded in meeting my goals for the entire 7 weeks of the festival–which means I was one of the winners!

This is the badge for winning in the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival, 2019

What a great group of fellow authors!!

Now back to everyday life. Spring is coming!!
Until next time,

Nature Texas Master Naturalists

Texas Master Naturalists: Twenty Years of Service

Naturalized Iris in Harris County, TX.

For the last twenty years, Texas Master Naturalists have been dedicated to the preservation and management of natural resources in Texas. This program, sponsored by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, trains volunteers who provide education, outreach programs and service in aid of the natural environment and native inhabitants of their local regions. The basic training program for Master Naturalist certification is 40 hours and usually includes both classroom instruction and field trips.

I was excited to learn of a local chapter of the Master Naturalists meeting in my area. It is one of forty-two chapters in the state, with more forming all the time. The local chapters provide a wonderful opportunity for learning and service within one’s local region. If you are interested in our natural world, and live in Texas, this is a wonderful group to join.

Many other states have Master Naturalist programs as well. Nebraska, Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maine, California, and Indiana each have a program, and most states have some kind of similar volunteer organization, perhaps under a different name. If your interests lie in that direction, I encourage you to get involved!

There is an excellent introductory video on the TMN site, click here to find it. Then let me know what you think. Did you like the video? Do you know of a similar group in your area? Spring is coming! It’s time to plan to get outdoors again!!

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Bluebonnets in field, Harris County, TX

Decor Storage

Stuffed Animal Decor

Pink wooden box with vertical rope "bars" used for storing stuffed animals.
Stuffed Animal Zoo–Great idea!!

I have fond, and not-so-fond, memories of when my kids were in the stuffed animal stage. (As you may know, this stage can be really long, sometimes lasting until they move out of your home and into their own place!) But today I am thinking about storage decor and the childhood stuffed animal stage.

When I was a kid myself, and when I was the mom of toddlers, a child had one or two favorite stuffed animals and those lived on their bed. Not so anymore! Now children often have a whole menagerie of fuzzy critters to love and care for–which means parents get to herd, move along, and wrangle a dozen or (usually) more fuzzies on a daily basis.

The photo above from Pinterest shows one of my favorite solutions to this, just because it is so darned cute! I’ve also seen, and used, colorful laundry baskets, outgrown travel-style play pens, and smaller, lighter shopping baskets. I have seen these last mounted on the wall. Looks adorable, but my children would have pulled them down and left a hole in the wall in the process…maybe it works if your child is very young, or much more gentle than mine ever were.

Creative storage is always a challenge, and always fun. Kudos to whomever thought this one up!
Got a clever storage idea you use? Share with the rest of us in Comments!

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