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Dear Reader,

The third book of the Toss Trilogy is finally available! Daniel is one headstrong male, and it took me a long time to get his story down on paper. I am in a hurry to see how you like it. So, for Thanksgiving week*, Tossed and Tumbled will be on sale for Kindle for 99 cents. Once the week is up, price will revert back to normal.




And since Thanksgiving is here it’s time to  THINK CHRISTMAS!! loveandmerrychristmas
My earlier novella, Home for Christmas, also features one of the characters from York. April Windham’s story was published in the anthology, Love and Merry Christmas–six wonderfully different Christmas stories from six talented Nebraska authors. It actually happens after the three books in the trilogy.  Check it out!

Final Tossing the Caber (small version)

In Tossing the Caber, the first book of the Toss Trilogy, elegant Diana Lennox is determined to maintain control of her company until Logan Carmichael, the sexy upstart engineer who is purchasing it, proves he can successfully run the business.





In the second book, Toss Up, Diana’s best friend, Sally Johnston, might just be in over her head.  She’s got a stalker to deal with, a son to raise, an Economics paper to write, and it doesn’t help any that long time friend Jim Donovan starts insisting he’s in love with her.Final Toss Up (small version)

The response to these two books has been overwhelming! It has been wildly exciting for me to have so many of you enjoy my work!

Until next time… –Susan Craig.

* Approximately, depending on the speed of KDP’s response to my requests for price changes.