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My name is Susan Craig. I am a mom, a scientist, a teacher, and a writer. The combination makes for some interesting discussions around the dinner table.

I have three wonderful grown-up children, a daughter and two sons, and have been married to the love of my life for lots of years (but not yet long enough).

My scientific background is in neurobiology. I studied the effect of Alzheimer’s disease proteins on brain cells for about ten years before switching to full-time teaching. I’ve taught students in every grade except kindergarten! I taught elementary students before going to graduate school, college students while in graduate school, and after graduate school I taught both my own graduate students and high school students before moving to teaching at the university level.

I am a Midwesterner, born and bred, though I have also lived in California and Texas.

My favorite thing to do is to write, and my next favorite is to read. I like decorating my house, talking to friends, and playing with our dog, Tanner.

My books are about strong, smart women you’d like to have in your circle of friends, and men who love and appreciate them (eventually).

You’ll find all kinds of things in my blogs…true stories, science stuff, fiction, inspiration, and more. My blogs reflect me—complicated, interesting, and easily amused by the small joys of life.

Thanks for taking a look at my website. It will probably look different next time you come by–I like to change the pictures, though when I run into trouble making my favorite photos work (Did I mention I enjoy photography?), you may find a blank background!

I hope on every visit to my website or my blogs you find something to laugh at, something to think about, or simply something to enjoy.

Until next time, –Susan Craig.